Khaliji - Loops of Arabia

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KHALIJI Loops of Arabia

Infuse the sound of Arabia into your music.

Take your listeners on an adventure to the Arabian peninsula with “Khaliji Loops of Arabia”. From Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE,  Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq and Yemen, “Loops of Arabia” has over 70 styles to choose from.

14 GB of uncompressed sound for you to mix and create with. Based on real multi-track loops, you can now hit a key and the style of your choice will automatically sync to your project in any variation you want!

The interface:
An upgraded interface with a an ultra wide Ui gives you more controls and FX to mix your tracks.And by popular request, we added a stereo imager.


Now you can change the sound of the raw loops as you see fit! 

The mixer page is a powerful new tool that allows you to eq pitch shift and change volume of each layer of sound. We also added an SSL style master bus compressor to control the peaks, A transient designer and a mastering Eq.

So we began our Khaliji journey with “Drums of Arabia”, next stop “Loops of Arabia”. Will you be joining us?


Product Specifications:
• More Than 60 styles from all over Arabia
• New Engine and interface
• Stereo out & multi-out versions
• 14 GB size Uncompressed
• 24 bit, 48khz
• Requires Kontakt 6.6.1 and above

User Manual:

Click Here to Download Loops of Arabia User Manual PDF 



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naseem najem
the price is too high

ممكن خصم على هذه المكتبة لو سمحتم

Asad Al Raisi
مكتبة مهمة لكل موزع

عمل احترافي رائع ومهم لكل موزع

the only great quality

really i surprise for the big quality thank for upgrading products sounds

Mohammed Saleh

very wonderful 😍

greg johnson

Khaliji - Loops of Arabia