About The Founder - Ahmed Al Musawi

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About The Founder - Ahmed Al Musawi

About the Founder

Ahmed Al Musawi is the founder of ASamples. He is a sample creator and founder of the first official Arabian Gulf Percussion Kontakt Library. He is an entrepreneur, music producer, sound designer, audio engineer, and film and TV composer from the Sultanate of Oman.

A bit of background about Ahmed

Ahmed has been making sounds for over 15 years, having been in the audio business since 2001. Throughout his career, Ahmed has built up a range of impressive achievements, of which he is extremely proud. Ahmed has also had the privilege of working with major brands such as Oman 2040 Vision, SalamAir, and Oman TV.


Now, Ahmed’s goal is to spread his culture and his sounds to the rest of the world. He believes that music has a unique ability to transport a person to a different time and place, making it something that should always be shared. He is currently focusing on his impressive talents as a sample creator, using ASamples to sell sample packs to composers, musicians, and DJs. These specifically include Arabian sounds and percussion loops.

ASamples is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing Sound Libraries in the Middle East. Ahmed founded this company in order to give fellow music producers, and others within the music community, access to his cultural music. He believes that his music has a different flavour to other Arabic sounds that are available on the market. Ahmed always tries to create his own style, rather than following that of others. He has always found great satisfaction and joy in the music-making process, so would never say this feels like a chore.

Ahmed always makes sure to give a lot of attention to his clients, knowing that for some, this could be a project they’ve been working on for years. He understands that no matter how small a project may be, it’s always a big deal to the creator. As the first full-time music producer in his country, Ahmed is eager to give other people a chance for the same opportunities, and a way into the music market. He provides his clients with the highest quality recordings and instant access to a variety of loops and samples.

Ahmed’s future plans

Looking into the future, Ahmed will continue working on projects such as the Kontakt Sample Library, which is essentially a library of Arabian samples. These samples are mainly percussion, and use instruments from across the Arabian-peninsula, making it exotic and original. The library also includes a section of Omani instruments that originate from Ahmed’s own country, the Sultanate of Oman. This is an exciting and original collaboration, as these instruments have not yet been used in a library before. Ahmed looks forward to creating new libraries and developing new, unique sounds to share with the world.

If you’re interested in working with Ahmed don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing ahmed@almusawi-group.com. Or you can fill out the form on the ASamples website.

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