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Khaliji - Drums of Arabia - Core

Khaliji - Drums of Arabia - Core

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اتمنى لو تعملون برنامج حق الياماها

بحاجه للتحديث

اتمنى اضافة ايقاعات شهيرة مثل الخبيتي وانواع اخرى من الرومبا والايقاعات اليمنيه بحيث تغطي اغلب احتياجات الاستديو .... الجود مذهله ولكم اجمل الترحيب

شغل حلو متعوب عليه

إيقاعات جميلة سهلة ومفيدة وتسهل نمط العمل بس اتمني انو يكون في ايقاعات اكثر من انحاء الوطن العربي


Wonderful sample for Khaliji Drums and style
it help a lot .. easy to use


great superr very good

KHALIJI Drums of Arabia

Infuse the sound of Arabia into your music.

Made for Kontakt 5.6.0 (full version required), our library contains 140 sampled percussion instruments, mostly from the Arabian Peninsula. For the first time in history, producers and composers can capture the essence of these instruments with such incredible depth and user-friendliness.

Frame drums in various sizes make up the majority of the instruments, with Zeer, Ranna, Kaser, Darabuka, Mesendo, and many more. Various percussion instruments from other parts of the world are also included, as producers often fuse an Arabian percussion ensemble with some percussion instruments from around the world to give their Khaliji music a modern flavor.

With Khaliji, you will receive the following:
•    140 Instruments
•    10 Multis
•    115 MIDI grooves
•    2.28GB size Uncompressed
•    48khz, 24 bit

Khaliji libraries made specifically for Kontakt offer the benefit of an easy to use interface. It requires Kontakt full version 5.6.0 or higher.

Our goal is to create a percussion library that’s as natural as possible, without adding any, or very little, processing to the actual samples.

Some of the note-worthy aspects of Khaliji are as follows:


The Instruments library contains a huge number of instruments which are mainly from the Arabian Gulf, Iraq and Yemen, and some world percussions added to compliment those instruments and provide composers a larger pallet to create even more unique combinations.

You need to load Multis in order to play the MIDI files, so we have created several Multis to get you started immediately. We also encourage you to create your own Multis and build your own kit to truly take advantage of the library.

MIDI Grooves:
The MIDI Grooves library also more than 80 MIDI grooves of the most popular styles to help composers improve productivity while showcasing what the instruments can do, and how the instruments work together to inspire music producers.

User Manual:

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 02- Interface:

 03 Instruments:

 04 Multis

05 Midi

06 Demos

 07 Multi_Out


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