Khaliji - Rhumba Expansion

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Another expansion library for Khaliji drums of Arabia, our Rhumba Expansion addon allows you to develop your Khaliji library further with a focus on the Rhumba which is one of the most famous and used style in the region!

With the Rhumba Expansion, you can make use of the complex and smooth sounding drums that the Arabian region has to offer, and the process is seamless.

This expansion is made for Kontakt 5.6 (full version required) and 45 MIDI groves are included, all of which are Khaliji Rhumba with a wide range of verity. You’ll find many brand new samples and a new Multi-Kit with 2 mixes as well, and it can also run standalone without the core library!

You’ll receive the following:


  • 35 New Samples
  • 2 New Multis
  • 45 Rhumba Grooves
  • Stereo Mix 
  • Multi-Out Mixed
  • Multi-Out UnMixed

So, what are you waiting for?

Take your percussion to the next level with the Rhumba Expansion.



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حقيقه خيال

السلام عليكم
جدا خامات نقيه واحترافيه
الف شكر لمنجزاتكم
المملكة العربية السعوديه