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Introducing the KHALIJI

Expand your musical horizons with our Saudi Expansion for the Khaliji Drums of Arabia library. While the core library already encompasses a rich collection of percussive sounds from various regions, the Saudi Expansion dives deeper into the rhythmic treasures of Saudi Arabia.

With the Saudi Expansion, you can harness the captivating drumming traditions of Saudi Arabia effortlessly. Designed for use with Kontakt 5.7.1 (full version required), this expansion includes 50 meticulously crafted MIDI grooves inspired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And the best part? It can operate as a standalone, no need for the core library!

Your Saudi Expansion package includes:

• 35 New Samples
• 6 Unique Multis
• 50 New Grooves
• Stereo Mix for optimal sound
• Multi-Out Mix for versatility

Elevate your percussion game and embark on a rhythmic journey through the heart of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Expansion is your key to unlocking the authentic beats of this culturally rich and diverse nation. Don't miss out – let the music of Saudi Arabia be your guide!

Click Here to Download the User Manual.

Customer Reviews

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omran alharmoodi

شغل مرتب ما شاء الله

Morshed Alkuwari

Nothing special for this expansion . It’s normal .