KHALIJI Grooves Quantize Pack

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KHALIJI Grooves Quantize Pack

We know that most Gulf rhythms have a special ‘swing’ in tempo, so the rhythm isn’t compatible with the standard Quantize available in your DAW. The degree of swing varies depending on the genre, and even the player being used.

Usually music producers create their own custom Groove Quantize, but this process is very difficult and takes time.

‏That’s why we decided to do all the hard work for you and create all the Quantize Grooves you’ll ever need to produce Khaliji songs.

‏You’ll receive 50 Quantize Grooves from a wide range of Khaliji music genres including:
  • Hewa
  • Emarati
  • Khbaiti
  • Bara’a
  • Bandari
  • Atbah
  • And more

Each groove is in MIDI Format, and there’s a different feel of swing for each genre.

The Khaliji Grooves Quantize Pack is compatible with all major DAWs like:
  • Cubase
  • Logic
  • Pro Tools
  • Studio One
  • etc.


How to Import Groove Qunatize in Cubase: 

How to Import Groove Qunatize in Logic Pro X: 

How to Import Groove Qunatize in Pro Tools:


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yasser Al Banna
Best Arab percussion library.

It’s a must for every music producer, highly recommended.

Morshed Alkuwari
Excellent Product .

I love this program and I used too much with my projects .

انور العاصمي
The Best samples ever

Can’t imagine the quality of the samples and it was very difficult to find Gulf beats samples now A Samples made everything easy just enjoy , thanks A Samples.

essa aljar
تجربة الآهات البشرية

اهات بشرية للكونتاكت 5.

Amer Mohd

KHALIJI Grooves Quantize Pack