SARAB: Middle Eastern Percussion Loops

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SARAB: Middle Easter Percussion Loops

Sarab is a versatile Kontakt library designed for music producers and composers seeking authentic Middle Eastern percussion loops and samples.

With Sarab, you'll dive into a world of multitrack loops, offering intricate layers of rhythms and melodies.

Whether you're crafting traditional Middle Eastern music or infusing your tracks with exotic elements, Sarab provides the tools you need.


Powered by our advanced Khaliji engine, Sarab delivers over 50 meticulously crafted multitrack styles, each containing intros, variations, and fills for dynamic arrangement possibilities.

Furthermore, the library boasts a collection of 20 sampled instruments in one kit,enabling you to infuse expressive rhythms into your compositions or layer additional elements onto the loops. To fully harness Sarab's capabilities.


The Interface: 


Main page:

The Sarab main page is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a seamless user experience that allows you to dive into music production with minimal learning curve. It features a clean layout with essential controls, such as speed control and page switches, enabling you to swiftly navigate through the library and focus on crafting your musical creations without unnecessary complexity.

Mixer Page:

you'll have access to a comprehensive mixer within the Kontakt instrument, enabling precise control over each element. Sculpt your mix, adjust levels, and shape the sound to perfection, all within a seamless workflow.Experience the richness of Middle Eastern percussion and instruments with Sarab, a must-have addition to your sonic arsenal for creating immersive, culturally inspired music.

Product specifications:

  • Over 50 Styles
  • 20 sampled instruments
  • 10 example midi files
  • Over 4 Gb compressed
  • 24 bit, 48khz
  • Based on our Khaliji engine

ٍStyles List: 


  • Kontakt Full 6.8.0 and above.
  • 5 GB hard drive space.





Customer Reviews

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Mathieu Vanasse
Not much for the price

It ended up being very expansive for not much sounds. I also bought Native Instrument Middle East collection which had 5 times more stuff for 5 times less money