Valencia Tar (Frame Drum)

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Valencia Tar (Frame Drum)

Several Years ago I decided to build Khaliji Drums of Arabia for Kontakt, So I'v started experimenting with the concept with the guys, 

One Day a friend of mine Idrees Albalushi came in my studio to record some percussions for a song that I was working on, and one he was done he took everything but left behind his Valencia Tar!

I'v decided to sample this beautiful and unique instrument as an experiment for Khaliji Drums of Arabia

The next day another friend of mine Aljulanda Albalushi popped in my studio to record something, and once he was done I asked him if he have time to sample the Valencia Tar with me and he was excited about it. 

Once we recorded all the samples we needed, I started Editing them and loaded the samples into an empty contact instrument and it sounded great right away!


I left the instrument without any UI for more than a year, but I found my self using it regularly in my compositions. 

After a year I decided to design a GUI for the instrument and it was the base for the all my future libraries, I added an EQ section, Reverb and Pitch shift Knobs and of course a wallpaper that I designed by my self just to keep it interesting. 

Another year past and then I fixed some scripts in the instruments and I gave it to some friends to try it out, they loved it and most of them actually used it in their songs! 

We kept using it until Pianobook was announced by the founder of spitfire audio Christian Henson, that's when I 'v decided to share it there for the world as a free instrument. 

You can download the instrument for FREE!
it works on the full Kontakt and Decent Sampler

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