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Several years ago, I embarked on a creative journey to bring Khaliji Drums of Arabia to life within the realm of Kontakt. It all began with a spark of experimentation and collaboration with like-minded individuals. One pivotal day, my friend Idrees Albalushi visited my studio to contribute his exceptional percussion skills to a song I was diligently crafting. After the session, he left behind a remarkable instrument, the Valencia Tar. Inspired by this serendipitous encounter, I made a bold decision to sample this exquisite and unique frame drum, as an experiment to enhance the Khaliji Drums of Arabia collection. The...

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Meet the Man Behind     Let's get to know the force behind ASamples, Ahmed Al Musawi. He's not your ordinary entrepreneur; he's a sound sorcerer, an audacious music producer, an ingenious sound designer, and a versatile audio engineer. Oh, and he's also a TV and film composer with a keen ear for what makes music come alive. Hailing from the beautiful Sultanate of Oman, Ahmed is a name you'll want to remember. The Ahmed Adventure Ahmed has been cooking up sounds for over 15 years, starting his audio journey back in 2001. His path has been adorned with numerous...

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