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The Rahmani Drum holds a prominent position in Omani folk music, representing a distinctive bass drum within the musical tradition. Crafted from a combination of wood and leather, this instrument is primarily played by hand, though it can also be struck with a stick, either on one side or both, depending on the specific genre of music. Within the realm of the Rahmani Drum, there exist four distinct variations. The particular one we showcase here is utilized in Dhofar, the southern region of Oman. While the other Rahmani Drum types share similarities, they vary in size and employ different leather...

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Several years ago, I embarked on a creative journey to bring Khaliji Drums of Arabia to life within the realm of Kontakt. It all began with a spark of experimentation and collaboration with like-minded individuals. One pivotal day, my friend Idrees Albalushi visited my studio to contribute his exceptional percussion skills to a song I was diligently crafting. After the session, he left behind a remarkable instrument, the Valencia Tar. Inspired by this serendipitous encounter, I made a bold decision to sample this exquisite and unique frame drum, as an experiment to enhance the Khaliji Drums of Arabia collection. The...

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